Natural Mineral Purifier

The Ultimate Spa Experience

SpaRx contains proprietary blend of natural minerals that continuously & effectively eliminates algae the natural way. The specially treated alloy rod is packed with the SpaRx mineral formula, which immediately dissolves out of the rod into the spa water & forms a stable residual in the water, attacking & eliminating algae in the spa. During the spas filtration process the minerals are rejuvenated every time they return to the SpaRx Unit & pass through the alloy rod.

The patented SpaRx minerals are natural & non-corrosive & do not adversely affect the water chemistry. Normal water chemistry is required with LOWER levels of oxidizer. The SpaRx formula used in conjunction with low oxidizer residual has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories & is proven to have far higher levels of sanitization than other methods of spa water treatment while maintaining a healthier, eco-friendly spa environment.

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